John Boyega Launches Dream Lab App Lowres

Vodafone Foundation calls on UK to join fight against cancer with DreamLab

May 01, 2018

The Vodafone Foundation is calling on the UK to join the fight against cancer with the launch of DreamLab app - and a little help from John Boyega.

The Star Wars actor paid a visit to Imperial College, London to learn more about the Vodafone Foundation's new DreamLab app and the associated cancer research named Project DRUGS. The app and project aim to drastically speed up crucial cancer research by harnessing the processing power of mobile phones when they lie idle overnight.

The app, developed by the Vodafone Foundation and Imperial College crowdsources the processing power of smartphones to analyse the billions of data sets required by Project Drugs. Boyega donned his sleep wear for the visit to encourage smartphone owners to use the app whilst they sleep. He called for owners to be an #SleepLikeAHero by simply downloading the free app and using it overnight whilst they sleep.

John Boyega Launches Dream Lab App

During his visit, the actor met with cancer researchers to discover how the DreamLab app works overnight while phones are charging to analyse huge amounts of data which is then used to find  new combinations of existing cancer drugs and treatments.

A desktop computer with an eight-core processor running 24-hours a day would take 300 years to process the data required for one project but a network of 100,000 smartphones running for six hours while their owners sleep could do the job in just three months. Scientists believe that this work could speed up access to effective drugs and enable tailored treatments for patients.

Data will help Imperial College London match genetic profiles to cancer treatments, helping to find new combinations of existing drugs and ultimately enabling tailored treatments for patients.

Lots of media have already shown their support for the launch of DreamLab including national print coverage in the Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Sun, i and Daily Mirror and online publications including BBC NewsMail to name but a few…

You can download DreamLab in the app store (iOS) or the Android Play Store now.

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