John Boyega Launches Dream Lab App Lowres

Hit Snooze for World Cancer Night with DreamLab

February 01, 2019 / Vodafone

This World Cancer Day (Feb 4), the Vodafone Foundation challenged us to encourage the nation to help cancer researchers by downloading and using the DreamLab app overnight.

DreamLab allows smartphone users to become “citizen scientists” by using the processing power of their phone to conduct cancer research while it lies idle overnight. To show how simple it is to use the app, we encouraged the nation to celebrate the world’s first World Cancer Night - all whilst they sleep.

The app – developed by Vodafone Foundation and Imperial College London – helps match genetic profiles to cancer treatments, helping to find new combinations of existing drugs and ultimately enabling tailored treatments for patients.

Our story was picked up by the i, and – and most importantly helped increase downloads tenfold in the week following our coverage.

You can download DreamLab in the app store (iOS) or the Android Play Store now.

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