November 09, 2020 / Mischief

Established in 2006, Mischief has always been about earning attention for our clients with stand-out creative campaigns that deliver measurable business impact. Ever since then, our single mindedness on serious attention-seeking hasn’t changed. In fact, as we move firmly into our teenage years, that focus has simply evolved...that’s why we say “we’re growing up without growing boring”.

We’re excited to reveal our renewed focus on attention seeking at a time when the world needs it most. 2020 has been a turbulent year in many respects and from a marketing perspective we’re facing an era of Attention Rebellion like never before, with distracted consumers more resistant to brand spam than ever.

We’re now checking our phone every 12 minutes - and reaching for it over 2,000 times a day. 6,000 tweets are posted every second, 5 billion videos are uploaded to YouTube each day and the average human attention span is now just 7 seconds…

In this Attention Rebellion era, brands are struggling to command the consumer’s attention and in turn brand recall – and propensity to purchase - is at an all-time low. We’re proud that Mischief - and the work we deliver for our clients - is strategically engineered to win in this Attention Rebellion era.

Our approach is focused on hijacking a small part of the brain that’s responsible for attention and luckily, we know what it likes…

    • Work that is PERSONAL - prompting a sense of identity and recognition. People first planning that gets us up-close & personal with what really matters to real people. We marry hard data analysis using top industry tools with human to human qualitative research
    • Work that is SURPRISING - delivering an unexpected creative narrative/hook. We are an agency that from top to bottom is made up of creative brains that push boundaries and we have a diversified creative culture
    • Work that is EMOTIONAL - engaging the heart rather than the head. At Mischief we have a unique partnership with leading behavioural scientists ‘Influence at Work’ using emotions to unlock behaviour

Our work with the behavioural scientists at MindLab shows that this approach is an effective one, confirming that our work works. Research shows that …

Of course, the proof is in the pudding - take a look at our attention-grabbing, award winning case studies and get in touch to find out more.

We’re ready for the challenge, and to help you win in the Attention Rebellion era.

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